It all started when…

Daniel Njegich has worked tirelessly to cement himself as one of Perth’s leading young photographers, forever seeking to explore the defining elements of his subjects; Daniel has developed a unique ability for story telling through his craft.

Following Daniel’s first solo exhibition, ‘Victims of Politics’ in 2014 he has embarked on a number of passion projects, combining his love of culture and photography to tell truly remarkable stories from behind the lens.

The latest addition to Daniel’s portfolio is no exception; this year will see Daniel document a series of unique and interesting professions for his latest project, from a boxer and a butcher, through to an artist and a musician, Daniel will re-define the way we look at some of the worlds most skilled craftsmen.

Being drawn to unique characters and story- driven photography Daniel is setting out to document each profession in detail with a significant emphasis on the individual’s approach to their career to create a specific series of images for each character.

Its Daniel’s commitment and connection to the people he photographs that make his images truly memorable and this project is set to be no different.